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Are you conscious when you smile? Trying to avoid the teeth being captured or seen while smiling due to plaque? Tooth scaling is the best treatment to have picture perfect smile and whiten the teeth.

Tooth scaling is a simple treatment and is availed by many people. Still we have seen many people don’t know its basics and have many questions like is scaling good for teeth, benefits of teeth scaling, how long does teeth scaling take, is teeth scaling necessary, why scaling of teeth is done etc.

What Is Teeth Scaling

  • Teeth scaling is now done by many individuals. Now, What is teeth scaling? Well, teeth scaling is the process where the plaque and tartar material is removed from the teeth. The dentist will remove the plaque along the gum line of the tooth and smoothen the tooth to reattach to the gums. Teeth scaling makes the tooth cavity-free and healthier for a longer duration.

How Long Does Teeth Scaling Take

Teeth scaling is a process where the plaque and tartar on the teeth are removed through the treatment. How long does teeth scaling take? Generally, the teeth scaling process can be completed in a single visit. In this visit, the process will take around 1 hour to complete. However, if there is more plaque development then it can take 2 around hours to complete.

Teeth Scaling Before And After

The plaque and tartar on teeth make your smile bad and also decay the teeth. Teeth scaling can remove the plaque and tartar development on teeth. You will be amazed to see the teeth scaling before and after the difference. Your teeth will appear whiter which can give you a confident smile. Teeth scaling helps to avoid the decaying of the teeth.


Let us look at some FAQ’s about teeth scaling:

    • Is teeth scaling necessary?

It is very common and are caused by bacteria. An enabling atmosphere is provided by tartar and calculus for the bacteria to prosper inside the mouth cause further complications. As mentioned above, scaling along with root planning are performed to get rid of calculus and tartar. Its an effective treatment to tackle the disease at an early stage and avoid further complications.


If suffering from gingivitis, then it’s a perfect treatment to opt for. If the gum disease is at an advanced stage, teeth scaling, and root planning is a prerequisite before going in for a surgery, for keeping gum healthy.


    • Can dental scaling damage teeth/can scaling damage teeth?

There is a myth about teeth scaling which relates to teeth weakening and movement in the teeth. There is no truth in it as your teeth doesn’t get feeble or fragile after the teeth scaling treatment.


There could be movement in the teeth but its not due to scaling but due to the removal of plaque and tartar which has been there from a long time, professional cleaning can help you to keep perfect gum line and fresh mouth as they help in removing plague bacteria by doing deep cleaning in the gum tissue and related area.


This make sure that there is no tooth loss or any disease in the mouth. Sometimes the patient has gaps between the teeth and the calculus may get accumulated there and suddenly after the removal of it the patient may feel a new gap has been formed due to scaling but that’s not the case.


Some people may experience sensitivity issue post treatment, but this can be addressed with a sensitivity toothpaste. Within 24 to 48 hours you will feel normal.


All being well you are well guaranteed now about the doubt of can scaling damage your teeth. The answer is straight NO and instead will make you teeth stronger.

    • Can scaling whiten teeth?

Yes, to any extend it will help you to whiten your teeth as all debris is removed from your teeth and a whitening treatment after that will you best result.

    • Teeth scaling is good or bad?

The misunderstanding that scaling is bad is wrong but to precise scaling is not all bad. It has many paybacks in longer duration. It will help you to get rid of tartar and maintain good oral health care. This will in turn give a longer life to your teeth and you will not be subjected to major dental issues.


So, the question of is scaling bad for teeth is negative and as well as people doubt that is scaling of teeth safe and the answer here too is affirmative. The scaling of the teeth is completely safe although you may experience some discomfort post treatment depending upon the case but its very minor which is very easy to recover like sensitivity.

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